An integrated tool for companies seeking:



up to 80% time and cost savings compared with human translation


on-premise installation – data security


accurate terminology and formatting (docx, pptx, xlsx or pdf)

What TranslAide is

Translaide is an integrated tool using cutting-edge technology to speed up the translation process without compromising the confidentiality of sensitive data.

System modules


Customized translator

  • tailored to specific requirements of individual companies
  • with a glossary for consistency with previous translations


  • import of source text from docx, pptx, xlsx or pdf files
  • export of translation to the same format

Translation database search

  • to display translations in specific contexts
  • with information on their source

How TranslAide works

The system relies on neural networks with self-learning capability which constantly improves the quality of translation.

We start by collecting bilingual documents from a given industry in a variety of formats. We extract and organise the content.

Thus pre-processed material is used to train the translation engine. Neural networks and algorithms compare bilingual sentences in specific contexts and examine the analogies between the translations of words, phrases and entire sentences.

The translator is ready to translate domain-specific texts! It delivers quality output with accurate and consistent terminology always matching the relevant context. Edits and new translations are stored thus making machine-generated translation better and better.



customized translation integrating specialist terminology

Data confidentiality

no third-party access to the content processed

Cutting-edge technology

neural networks and machine learning algorithms


multiple industries and language combinations available

Productivity boost

cost and time savings of up to 80%

Continuous improvement

edits and new translations are stored for retrieval

Our clients

About us

We are part of the PWN Publishing House and a key supplier of machine translation solutions with proven track record in the industry.


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